We were five participants from Palestine (Jina Lama, Nicole Handal, Rami Sabat and Saher Rishmawi and Fr. Vincent Raj,sdb). We presented the problems of our country: Political, religious, cultural and traditional. We brought out political issues like border control and walls being extended. Discrimination is at the heart of its life. In many ways young people are marginalized in Palestine: inadequate education, school dropouts, unemployment, women being discriminated, vengeance and violence in the society, religious factions, divisions within the churches etc, were topics need to be addressed. If youth are marginalized then they are vulnerable to radicalization and extremism. Fr. Vincent Raj BOSCO, our youth centre director, addressed Don Bosco Forum (a gathering of 400 well-wishers and benefactors) on the 29 th of January on the above-mentioned topics. The forum was held at the University of Bonn.Apart from serious discussions, we had enough fun. We truly felt free and accepted – a feeling that gives us power.We owe our sentiments of gratitude to the organizers – Cynthia, Johanna, Thomas, Nashwa and Meike.As a group from Palestine we learnt the following from the Youth Exchange:
Be open to other cultures because they enrich us.

  1. Colour and creed should not divide us.
  2. Respect to every human being.
  3. Look for solutions to problems in life.
  4. Be generous in helping the needy person.
  5. Say no to extremism
  6. An eye for an eye will make the world blind.
  7. There are much more….

Youth-Centre Day (February 5 th )

The members of the Youth Centre had a chance to gather together as ONE FAMILY on the 5 th of February, 2017. It was a unique day around St. John Bosco. The day was lit with different activities: Football, Table Tennis and Baby-foot. There were about 80 boys and girls and was quite lively involving all the members. The Day was organized by the Youth-Centre- Council members; thanks to Jamil Sabat, Elias Delly, Murad Piro and Suheir Sleiby for their direct involvement and organization. Such an ‘Oratory Day’ was a new phenomenon in the recent years. The day came to a lovely end with distribution of medal and prizes and with kebab sandwich to all the participants. Thanks to our sponsor ‘JUGEND EINE WELT’.

Annul Table Tennis Tournament - Seniors

It was another different day in the Youth Centre. Usually our Centre is known for Football (Soccer) alone. It is high time to change that mono-direction. On the 11th of March, we had the annual ‘Table Tennis Tournament’. It was internal competition. There were about 25 Participants. Thanks to Mr. Elias Delly and the Brothers from the Ratisbonne Monastery, Jerusalem for the meticulous organization. Nicolas Siriyani won the first prize and Muhammad Hermas took the second. Both the winners received medals and cups. All the Salesians were present with the participants, which was something encouraging.

Partnering our Youth Centre with Bonner SC club – 9 th of March

It was another feather in our cap – partnering our Youth centre and its soccer activities with the club at Bonn, Bonner SC. The process was initiated in late January, when Fr. Vincent Raj, the director visited Bonn for development programme for the youth from various countries. He had the chance to meet in person those who manage Bonner SC club. There was a meeting held at Bonn, Cathedral with Msgr. Wilfried Schumacher, Mr. Reinhard Sentis, Mr. Michael Pieck and Mr. Jürgen Harder. Ms. Anna Brunner played the translator.
On the above-mentioned date the Bonner SC club had sent our soccer team a bag full of Jersey and other sports articles. The kit was distributed by Msgr. Wilfried Schumacher, Mr. Reinhard Sentis. Further developments are yet to be put in black and white. On the whole it was a lovely encounter.

Annual Table Tennis Tournament – Junior

On the 16 th March, there was Table Tennis tournament for the Juniors (between 12 and 15). Even the girls of the oratory joined the tournament. It was nice to find out new talents. There were about 25 Participants, and was organized by Fr. Vincent Raj, the director of the Youth Centre. Chief co-ordinators were Hiba Babish, Selina Sleiby and Rami Sabat. Table Tennis as a game teaches the players when to attack and when to defend. Ahmed won the gold, Yakoub Muammar, the silver and Jimmy Sleiby the bronze. The whole programme was sponsored by ‘JUGEND EINE WELT’.

Annual Picnic cum Pilgrimage 30 th April

It was fine rainy day. 45 members of our Youth Centre started our pilgrimage to Galilee. The group consisted of different age groups. We started at 7.00 am and reached Galilee around 10.00 am. We visited all the churches and prayed and left for Nazareth, where they had an encounter with the members of the Don Bosco Youth Centre Nazareth. There was an Eucharistic celebration. At around 16.00 hrs the boys and girls had some sports organized between both the centres. Thanks to Fr. Tony Zghendi for his support. We reached Bethlehem back at 21.00 hrs. Thanks to all the sponsors without their help this pilgrimage would not have been realized.