The Salesian Youth Pastoral group in the Holy Land has a facelift in the two activities organized in collaboration between three Salesian Houses: Bethlehem, Nazareth and Ratisbonne Seminary – Jerusalem. On the 13th March, Sunday a Football tournament was organized between the three centres in honour of Don Bosco. It was full of life and participation from all the centres. The youngsters under the leadership of Fr. Tony Zghendi reached around 11.30 am. The Salesian Clerics of Ratisbonne joined the celebrations and ‘D.B fest began’. Of the tight schedule the seminarians of Ratisbonne won all the matches and won the Don Bosco Cup. At the end of the day an Eucharist was celebrated for visitors (from Nazareth).

Fr. Munir El Rai, the Salesian Provincial of the Middle East Region distributed the Medals and the cup. In his words he appreciated all the participants and insisted that Don Bosco found games and sports as a big platform of education where generosity and intelligence is much necessary to win. Never give up in life….is the message that took the centre stage.

Thanks to our animators: Fr. Joseph Thi sdb, Elias Dali (organizer), Jameel Sabath (Logistics), Suheir Sleiby – Asad – Leem Nasser (Chief Animators).

God bless the Saleisan Youth Pastoral work in Holy Land.

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